Rental Requirements


Thank you for your interest in leasing from SNAPE Enterprises, Inc. The following policies, procedures, requirements, and acceptance criteria apply to all rental applicants. Please inform us of any extenuating circumstances (example: Temporary loss of job, Medical reasons, Family emergencies, Lease guarantee, etc.)

Note: The first completed application with the application fee and deposit in negotiable funds will be given first priority.

REQUIREMENTS: These items are required to evaluate the application:

1. A fully completed SNAPE Enterprises Application for Lease.
2. Application fee: $45.00 for single, $70.00 for married couples (personal check will be accepted).
3. A check submitted for the amount equivalent to the security deposit of the property (we prefer certified funds). The deposit check must clear our bank prior to property keys being issued.
4. 12-month verifiable rental history through the legal owner or property management firm of the rented property (except in some military cases).
5. Applicant to provide copies of pay stubs if employer doesn’t verify salary. If self-employed, 2 years tax return showing your income. If you receive child support, a copy of the court order stating the amount of child support received. (Proof is required only if this amount will be used to help qualify you financially).

POLICY & GUIDELINES: The following items will be verified for the applicant’s acceptance:

A. Review credit accounts for rating: R2 (30-59 days late) or R5 (120+ days late) in the last seven years.
B. Review credit account for charge off: discharged Chapter 13 Bankruptcy, vehicle repossession, lien or any unpaid civil judgment in the last seven years.
C. Review rental history reference for late payments or NSF checks.
D. Review rental history reference for: unauthorized pets or persons occupying a unit rented to the applicant.
E. Review rental history for: improper or lack of Intent to Vacate notice and/or lease broken by the applicant.
F. Review employment history and current status for any employment situation that is temporary in nature.
G. Review income level or combined income level in the case of co-applicants to meet the income requirements (monthly income = 3 X rent amount). Example: Gross monthly income for a property with rent of $1300 is at least $3900. ($1300X3=$3900)
Income Guideline is waived if: there exists a Lease guarantee.

TERMINALS: The following items shall be considered sufficient to decline the application:

__ Any OPEN bankruptcy.
__ Any eviction or Unlawful Detainer action and/or any current 3-day or 10-day notice.
__ Any arrest or conviction or the selling of drugs or possession of drugs with intent to sell, or any arrest or conviction for contributing to the delinquency of a minor.
__ Any registered or unregistered sex offender, any arrest for sex offense.
__ Any history of disruptive, malicious, violent behavior, or domestic violence.
__ Any false or misleading information provided by the applicant on the written application or omission of a material fact.
__ Any criminal conviction which involves, theft, robbery, serious offense, or a crime of violence.